HTML Email Code Examples Library

Download actual live HTML email code examples to study and reverse engineer, for your education and to develop your HTML email code.

Right mouse-click over the HTML page and select View Source to see the code, or save the HTML files on your computer then open with almost any text editor. Notepad++ and TextWrangler work best because they respect indentation. Also resize the width of your browser to see if and how these email samples adapt to narrow phone and tablet formats.

Note the HTML pages include both the text and HTML versions of each email. This allows you to see the multi-part divider used at the top and bottom of all emails, as well as between the text version and HTML email version. The non-HTML portions of each email will display as text in the HTML file when viewed with a web browser.

O’Reilly Programming Newsletter

Screenshot of O'Reilly Newsletter Sample
This is a one-column email newsletter with some interesting code. Notice the use of @media queries near the top of their email, all of which they know will be stripped out but are still used by modern browsers.
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Tom’s Hardware Weekly Newsletter

Screenshot of Tom's Hardware Email Sample
This example shows a mostly bare bones multi-column layout similar to catalog email designs.
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Panic Software Email Newsletter Code

Panic Software Sample Email Newsletter
This email wraps HTML tables into DIVs with a few other twists.
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GetPocket Sample Email Newsletter Code

Screenshot of GetPocket Email Newsletter Sample
A clean single-column design with lots of white space.
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