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How to Use Background Images in GMail, Lotus Notes, and Other Services?

Using images as a background in an html email is problematic. One way is to carve up your image and divide it among HTML table cells and rows, using the background= setting for the table. You also can put the image in a new html table that encases all the table rows and columns that would display parts of your background image; sometimes this achieves the same effect as cutting an image up but with less code and better results. However, Outlook 2007/2010, Google Mail, Lotus Notes 6, and Live Mail do not display background images easily. Be sure to test your email code with your target email software. Whatever you do, be sure your email design degrades nicely if and when the background image does not display. If you use white text, for example, against a dark image, make the default background color a dark color.

How to Create Anchor Links in an Email?

Like image backgrounds, links within an email do not always work. You should test first. Over the years, I have cracked open a few emails with intra-email links and find they use the basic HTML anchor tag to link to a defined name= bookmark.

How to Add Video to HTML Email?

It is difficult but possible to add video to your html emails. Campaign Monitor has a great article, “HTML5 and video in email“, that covers all the steps to make video available within email software clients that can display video while degrading well for email software that cannot display video in an html email. Their article includes test results across many email clients, as well as comments with more insights and results.

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