About This Site

Hello and welcome! I’m Tim Slavin, a long-time writer, web producer, and self-taught coder. This website is the successor to an article I first wrote in 2003 about how to code HTML email. One of my clients had asked me to code an email and there was little to be found online. Certainly nothing comprehensive to tie together all I found. So I wrote an article for my ReachCustomersOnline.com website/blog and updated the article as I found new resources, new email software was released, and other things changed.

The primary value of my article? I’m not a vendor. I don’t deliver email newsletters or provide any services related to email. Instead, I’ve done what you’ve done: code HTML email for myself and others. I’m a writer free to link to any great resource. I also trust you, as the reader, can make decisions about what works best for you.

If you click through to Lynda.com from a link on this site and subscribe to their service, I do make money. But you’re free to ignore those links (although I believe their courses are the most comprehensive on the topic) and choose other links. Hopefully the diverse content on this site will help build your trust in me and what this site offers.

This site came about because I wanted to shut down ReachCustomersOnline.com, after 12 years, and needed a home for my article about coding HTML email.

Unlike my article about coding HTML email, however, this website provides far more links and discussion about how to code HTML email. It’s actually been liberating to carve up my article into sections of this site, then expand sections. For example, there are quite a few articles and videos which I did not have space to link before. Now I do with this site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I would like to know how to make this site even more useful to you. Thanks for visiting!